Community resilience and prosperity

Kids smiling.


A working group will be established to explore what are the enabling factors across communities and networks that are the fundamental building blocks for social capital. It will also explore the development of a community resilience indicator, especially looking at what elements of a dairy-focused community enhance or detract from resilience and prosperity. As part of this process, we will be looking at community development outside of the dairy industry.

The dairy industry must be prepared and ready to respond to community sensitivities. Industries must have the tacit or explicit agreement of society to operate and grow, acknowledging our social licence. Industries that ignore or lose social licence face greater activism, consumer backlash, litigation, regulation and political interference.

To ensure the dairy industry is able to both advocate for and respond to issues affecting our social licence to operate, we commissioned research to identify and explore gaps between stakeholder expectations and industry performance. This work will be further developed in 2016.

Beyond dairy being resilient in itself, we must remain connected to the wider community.