Safe work environment

Goal 3

Goal 3 Provide a safe work environment for all dairy workers

3.1 100% on-farm and dairy manufacturing workers completed OH&S training

2016 performance: No results were collected during 2016 for this indicator for the farm sector, as data for this measure is gathered from the Power of People on Australian dairy farms (POP) survey, most recently conducted in 2014. The next POP survey is scheduled for 2017. All dairy manufacturers continue to have OH&S programs in place.

3.2 30% reduction in LTIFR

2016 performance: The nature of the work safety statistics, collected by Safe Work Australia, means that there is often a lag in data, and subsequent revisions in previously reported data5. This adjustment of historical data means that reporting progress against our target is challenging. We therefore report 2016 performance based on the latest available data from 2014/15.

The provisional LTIFR for dairy cattle farming for 2016 is 14.3. This is a 147% increase on the 2010/11 baseline LTIFR of 5.8. The dairy cattle farming LTIFR is lower than the LTIFR recorded for sheep, beef cattle and grain farming (19.5), but higher than the LTIFR for the agriculture sector as a whole (12.9) over the same period.

The provisional LTIFR for dairy product manufacturing for 2016 is 12.1. This is an increase of 48% on the 2010/11 baseline LTIFR of 8.2. The LTIFR of beverage manufacturing as a whole was 6.4, with sugar and confectionery manufacturing at 8.3, bakery product manufacturing at 8.5 and grain mill and cereal manufacturing at 17.8.

3.3 Zero Workplace Fatalities

2016 performance: Safe Work Australia recorded zero fatalities in dairy cattle farming during 2014/2015. There were zero fatalities in dairy product manufacturing over the same period.

Information from 2014/15 is the latest available from SafeWork Australia. Reportable fatalities can underestimate actual farm-related incidents. However Dairy Australia’s own monitoring of farm related deaths through various reports shows six fatalities in 2016. We have used this figure — six fatalities — and will continue to use media monitoring to report farm fatalities.