Safe work environment

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A safe environment for all

The power of people on Australian dairy farms (POP) survey’ will be conducted in 2016, which will enable further progress in this area to be reported next year.

Meanwhile, farmers now have a simple tool to assess how their farm measures up against the Work Health and Safety legislation. The Safety on Farm Snapshot allows farmers and their staff to assess the safety systems on farm in a ‘traffic light’ format.

It takes about 15 minutes to complete and can be done by the Farm Manager alone or preferably by involving all of the farm team. It was adapted with permission from a similar format produced by Safework SA for small businesses.

Bill Youl, Program Manager, Workforce Planning and Action, Dairy Australia, said the key is the simplicity of design and ease of application, as it gives an overall snapshot of legislation and whether farmers are compliant.

To download a copy of the Safety on Farm Snapshot, visit: