Reduced waste to landfill

Goal 11

Goal 11 Reduce waste to landfill by 40%

11.1 40% reduction in manufacturer waste to landfill by 2020 on 2010/11 levels

a. direct quantitative target

2016 performance: Dairy manufacturers generate a variety of wastes, ranging from cardboard and plastic packaging to wooden pallets and wastewater treatment sludges. During 2015/16, dairy manufacturers produced approximately 1.39 tonnes of waste to landfill per million litres or megalitre (ML) of milk processed. Data was collected from dairy manufacturers who collectively process approximately 62% of Australia’s milk. This exceeds the industry target of a 40% reduction by 2020. While some of this reduction is due to increased efforts to reduce and divert waste, some improvement is also likely due to improved measurement of waste.

Since data collection started, more companies are having contractors weigh waste more accurately, rather than estimating by volume, and this has helped to improve accuracy.

b. All manufacturers being signatories of the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC)

2016 performance: 8 dairy manufacturers were signatories to the APC in 2016.

11.2 40% reduction in waste to landfill — baseline for farm level waste reduction to be established

2016 performance: At the time of compiling our 2016 report there was no appropriate measure for this indicator.