Reduced water consumption

Burra Foods has reduced the amount of water it uses, reducing the impact on its local community, Korumburra.

Burra Foods reduces water use

Burra Foods continue to implement systems to recover and reuse as much water as possible on site.

Water resulting from evaporating milk to produce powered milk products is collected, treated and re-used to decrease the amount of town water the site consumes.

More than 60 million litres of water was recovered and reused at the site last year – enough to provide almost three months of water for the entire population of Korumburra.

Separately, Burra released close to 200 million litres of treated water to environmental flow; assisting the health and sustainability of our local waterways.

In 2014/15, Burra Foods used 20% less town water per million tonnes of production. In the year ending June 2016, this trend is expected to continue with a further 25% reduction.

An additional project has also begun to look at expanding the recovery system by increasing water storage capacity at the site.

This project has the potential to recover an additional 140 million litres of water per year.

This is equivalent to 6.5 months of water use by the Korumburra community.

With climate forecasts predicting dry conditions ahead, this has significant benefits for both Burra Foods and the community.